Swedish Acquisition Moderna Museet 2021

Self portrait, acrylic

Ami Bergman(b 1966) The self fills the pictorial space with ease .The turquoise-blue background is painted with brushstrokes that follow the the body, which is dressed in contrasting light yellow-colored dress.Ami Bergman’s artistic practice is grounded in years of highly- skilled work using painting and drawing.Often placing herself at the centre, it is as if she repeatedly wants us to remind us of something. Bergmans self-portrait ,of her self as an artist, prompt questions of representation ,of not pleasing, or defying the limiting norms of how an older woman should look or act.With a paintbrush in her exaggerated hand she meets the viewers eye with an exploratory gaze. The hands are those of a worker ,and they possesses the ability to tireless create a place of one’s own in the world.

Pink DR-Martens Boots, Acrylic painting
The lift, drawing

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